More FAQ

You keep asking great questions so here are our answers:

Q – Are the birds hand sorted or run through a machine?

A – No machines at our farm.  When they are processed it is done one at a time to minimize stress to the animals.  Our duck eggs aren’t machine sorted either.  They are too big, have wax coating on them when layed and have thicker shells than chicken eggs

Q – Everybody else says to add vinegar to bone broth – why are we the only ones to suggest NOT to add vinegar?

A – It increases the release of free-glutamates as it degrades proteins.  Click here for more infomation.

Q – What potatoes are in the mixed fingerlings bag?

A – Different fingerling varieties such as French Fingerling, Violetta Fingerling and Banana Fingerling

Q – What about in the mixed potatoes bag?

A – Different non fingerling varieties.  Basically, the mixed bags are made up of extra potatoes that have been washed in the size and shape needed.

Q – Tell me more about the Crimson Queen potato?

A – They are all red and a bit creamy in texture

Q – What exactly is the cut of the chicken steak?

A – Like a CT scan through the breast region, this way they cook evenly.

Q – I heard protein is in the egg white. If a duck egg has a bigger yolk, does that mean it has less protein?

A – No, the whole duck eggs is double the size of a chicken eggs. Meaning the white’s are double that of chicken white’s as well.

Q – What does your Bok Choi taste like? Can you put it into a salad? 

A – Taste is cabbage like with a bit of bitterness. We eat it raw with lemon and duck fat dressing.


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