Add a little Sparkle to Easter

by Kaya Konopnicki

When I first saw a duck egg and it’s amazing beautiful shell my immediate though it would make the perfect beautiful and simple centerpiece for Easter.  I’m not one to leave simplicity alone when I can involve crafting.  I took to the internet to find ideas of what to do with these beautiful duck eggs.

I found glitter!

I can hear every parent cringe right now because glitter is one of those things that will NEVER go away.  No matter the number of times you vacuum or dust or sandblast your house there will always be that one piece of glitter that catches your eye when the light it just right.

I like to smile when I see those small left over pieces of glitter and think how pretty they are.  So, if you’re in my-pro glitter camp this post is for you!

I wanted something I could use as a centerpiece and at the same time not waste the yummy goodness that is the duck egg.  Tiny little flower vases was the perfect solution.  I LOVE low but showy centerpieces and using the egg shells for this was perfect.  They fit just one or two blooms and look spectacular when they are all lined up.


  • Duck Eggs (as many as you want to do)
  • Knife
  • Glitter
  • Mod-Podge (or some other glue that dries clear)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper Plates
  • Scissors
  • Garbage Bags or Newspaper
  • Bamboo Skewers
  • Painters Tape


  1. First things first – cracking the eggs.  Don’t whack them on the side of a bowl or counter – you’ll end up with a million little cracks and your eggs vases will leak all over your table.  Instead, take a sharp knife and saw through the shell, about 1/4 or 1/3 of the way from the top, until you are through it.  From there you can gently use your knife to either saw through the remaining egg (if you want a smooth round edge) or pry off the top if you want a jagged ‘natural’ look.  I opted for the second.
  2. Clean your shell and let it dry.
  3. For my glitter I just went to the dollar store and got a neat package that had like 6 little glitter packages all in coordinating colours.  It was all of a $1.50.  The other thing you’ll need is glue, I had mod-podge lying around my house but you can use just about any glue that dries clear.
  4. Now to glitter up the eggs!  Prep your area.  Cover your entire working surface with old newspapers or a plastic bag.  You’ll also need somewhere to allow the eggs to dry.  I used bamboo skewers and taped them to the side of my table
  5. I wanted 2 different looks.  One with some of the shell showing and others with only glitter.  For this I used painters tape.  I just taped off a line so that I would have a sharp edge.  Make sure that the tape is pressed down firmly or you’ll end up with a wavy line that isn’t so pretty.Easter Eggs (1 of 6)
  6. Now paint the area you want to glitter with glue.   You don’t want to have it on so thick that it runs, but you do want the entire area covered.
  7. Once the glue is on carefully sprinkle the glitter on over a paper plate (or piece of paper if you don’t have one).  Be generous as you want the egg covered.Easter Eggs (2 of 6)
  8. After you’ve covered the egg shake the excess glitter off.  I found gently tapping the eggs worked best.
  9. Let it dry for at least 1 hour.
  10. If you want, you can repeat if there are any spots that don’t have enough glitter.
  11. One I was happy with the glitter levels I painted the eggs again with glue to seal them.

Now they are ready to use!  They do need something to sit it so that they don’t fall over.  I made little nests and little paper rounds covered with feathers.  Use your imagination here though – sitting in some wheat grass or cute little egg cups.  Whatever works best for your table.Easter Eggs (4 of 6)

I chose to use live plants in one centerpiece and daffodils in the other.  Just make sure that whatever flower you choose is the appropriate size – not too small so that it doesn’t fill the cup and not too big so that you don’t see them.Easter Eggs (5 of 6)Easter Eggs (3 of 6)Easter Eggs (3 of 3)

Hope you enjoy making your own version of an Easter egg centerpiece.  We’d love to see them.  Just tag your photos with #GEHeastereggs.

Happy Easter to everyone!



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