by Mary Ellen & Andreas Gruenberg

Andreas is having good days and bad, the anaesthetic, meds, blood loss and crazy electrolyte levels are playing havoc with his system.

SO happy I am able to be home with him as he really is not safe alone!

The other day I left him sleeping to go to the barn to talk to our staff, then in to do laundry and I smelled something not good upon returning. He was sound asleep with a small pot of soup on high on the stove, it had started to burn.

Mornings are not his best and going for blood tests before 10 am is a chore, just getting him going some mornings is difficult as he has no memory. By lunch he is quite lucid and can be brilliant by the end of the day, but forget most of what he has discussed or who he has talked to.

All part and parcel of the healing process we are told.

It is a bit scary particularly after talking to our neighbor who had a 5 hours liver surgery years ago, he was not mentally competent to run his dairy for 2 years and his son ended up coming home to help him. Sure hope we are not in for that kind of recovery as Andreas’ surgery was 7 hours.

What I have learned through this:

  • Patience, those of you that know me know that I am in high gear all the time. Actually, Andreas usually is as well.
  • To walk slow, as he is slow now
  • To sit and talk, as he can’t be rushed when he has a thought he is trying to get out
  • To be a wife and mother, something before was put on the back shelf as I was always SO busy and behind on things spending only 2 days a week at home
  • To give up control to my amazing staff, each who have taken on some tasks while I am with him.
  • This has really changed our lives and made us rethink many things.

We are looking to the future still.  Our goals are to build GEH to it’s potential with the help of our staff, giving up control where we can so we can have some balance in our personal lives.

With more amazing people helping you will see more amazing things, like Kaya’s input in the newsletter and CSA formatting.

We are SO thankful for all the help, support, well wishes from you all.

All the best,

Mary Ellen & Andreas


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