A Heartfelt Thank You


Andreas is home now and improving every day. Most of our time is taken up  visits from anticoagulation clinic, family doctor, going for bloods tests 2 -3 times per week and 2 walks/ day in town as its too slippery and slushy at the farm taking me out of the equation as well. This will continue until the surgeons appointment about 8 weeks from now. Hopefully, he will get the OK to drive so I can get caught up on things, being SO far behind in all paperwork.

Please thank our staff when you see them, they have been amazing and taking over what they can.

As you know Kaya , at MOM in Calgary, has taken over the newsletters, CSA pre orders & streamlined it. She is also completing the CSA accounts and has hired & trained for her and Ginny’s vacations.

Both Ginny & Kaya have been unloading at markets with our production supervisor’s father, this will continue.

Alexis, in Edmonton at City Market, has taken on this market alone and done a great job. Please thank him and the market staff and manager as they have gone out of their way to help him unload and set up etc.

Everyone has been amazing and the support , good wishes and prayers from you all has deeply touched us!

We have learned many things during this trying time , the most important is that we need to spend more downtime together. The challenge of having a business at your home is that you can get into a cycle of working all the time, which we have.  Compounding my being in Calgary 4.5 days each week we really had lost touch.

Going forward, once Andreas is healed, we will be doing Calgary deliveries and visiting each market & leaving for home Friday noon in order to have our staff load the Sprinter loaded for Edmonton’s Saturday market.

SO thankful that Andreas will be up and ready to go come spring planting!!!

Thank you,

Mary Ellen


In Edmonton , I hope to be at City Market every week starting this Saturday for as much time as I am able, Mary Ellen will be with me as my chauffeur!

Calgary as soon as I get the OK to be in the vehicle for longer trips I will be seeing you!

I am running out of gas fairly quickly depending on my activity level. My mental fog, having been under anaesthetic for so long, is starting to clear but it will be a while I’m told.

While I love interacting with people getting my brain functioning exhausts me. I feel talking to people helps to clear my mind so , warning, my verbosity has only increased!

The direct pain from the surgery ranks a 1 -2 /10 compared to kidney stones which I rate a 9.5/10!

However, the implications of what I went through having read the surgical report is very humbling.  Apparently, they almost lost me a couple of times on the table.  Probably why Mary Ellen is SO stressed out!!

We always hear a lot in the media on our health care system, while there are flaws one of which is the ‘food’ they try to feed inpatients, our experience with how the system operates in an emergency has been incredible!!! From patient care, speed of diagnosis and treatment, operative procedures and equipment and quality of our medical staff has astounded us and probably doesn’t get any better.

I had a choice to make between a bovine or mechanical valve, I chose the mechanical valve because comparing the two  biological valve has a much shorter life span. However, it may not have required anticoagulation drugs the way the mechanical valve does. There is a very high chance , 90% , that the mechanical valve will outlast me and I only want to do this once!

I am fortunate, having every test known to man and some new ones I think, to be in perfect health going into and coming out of surgery.

So I should heal quicker than average, particularly with our BONE BROTH!

I fundamentally believe that I am alive today due to our lifestyle PALEO / ALKALINE change over 2 years ago.  As you can see, Mary Ellen & I have both lost a significant amount of weight and our inflammation is gone.

With the extra weight the surgeon told me that I would not have made it, with inflammation gone I have no heart disease, no plaque in my arteries.  This surgery was all about correcting genetic defect.

Doctor says it’s my German blood!

Thank you EVERYONE, we are SO grateful for your caring and support!!!

See you soon,




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  1. Rollie Shapka says:

    We’re so happy to hear that you are back up and running [almost :)]. We’ll see you soon at the City Market ! Take care !
    Rollie & Dzintra Shapka


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