Romancing the Fowl

by Kaya Konopnicki

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what could be a better way to say “I love you” than a deliciously luxurious romantic dinner of Coq-au-Vin.  Paired with a big bold red wine and you have the makings of a perfect evening.

It’s the original french comfort food designed to melt away the toughest of cuts into a succulent and rich dish that will warm hearts and hearths.

We’ve compiled a list of 3 lovely variations of the Coq-au-vin to help you in your quest for a romantic dinner.

  1. For a classic take on the dish try Ina Garten’s Coq-au-Vin made with chicken
  2. For the more adventurous chef’s there is Mark Hix’s ‘Pintade-au-Vin’ made with Guinea Fowl
  3. Want to up the richness of the dish?  Try the Duck-au-Vin from BBC Good Food

We wish you a happy and healthy Valentines day with your loved ones.



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