Battle of the Eggs

“What’s the difference between Duck and Chicken eggs?”

It’s a question we get a lot at a Greens Eggs & Ham.  Most of the time. people are seeing Duck eggs for the first time and wondering what the big deal is.

In the battle for the best egg which egg would win? We’ve made this handy info-graphic to help you understand the difference.


Gram for gram, on almost every measure of vitamin, mineral and amino acid duck eggs are higher than their chicken egg counter-parts.  This means a food that is richer in the essential building blocks your body needs.  While duck eggs are higher in Cholesterol as well, they have a greater percentage of HDL (the good kind) versus LDL (the not so good kind)

The other factor you need to consider in your food is how it is raised.  As the old adage goes: you are what you eat.  Our ducks roam free on pastures for most of the year (it’s a little chilly in the winter so they get a cozy barn) where they have a diet that is high in protein from foraging which is supplemented with organic peas and barley.  Hey – we eat these eggs too and we want to ensure the best things are on our plate each and every day.

You can find our Duck eggs at all our market locations and at some fine restaurants in Calgary and Edmonton.




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